Aura Kasih Profile : Full Name: Sanny Aura Syahrani Nick Name: Aura Kasih Nationality: Indonesia Occupation: Singer, Actress


The Beautiful Profile Julie Estelle Indonesian Actresses


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Luna Maya is beautiful models from Indonesia. Beautiful Indonesia celeb from Denpasar was even admitted Luna Maya Beautiful Picture.


Wiwid Gunawan is an actress who started her career from the world model of the local model selection event in 2000.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Video Nikita Willy

Video Nikita Willy

After the award-winning Panasonic Global Awards (PGA) with the best actress category this year, a beautiful artist Nikita Willy rumored to be the most expensive artists in the country for now.

"I know because that ngurusin baseball mom well. She who knows," said Nikita Willy encountered in the shower soap opera "The Princess who exchanged" in Studio Persari, Ciganjur, South Jakarta, on Saturday (26/03/2011).

Video Nikita Willy, Video Nikita Willy, Video Nikita Willy

Photo Dwi Putrantiwi

Photo Dwi PutrantiwiDwi Putrantiwi or just call her Dwi was born in Jakarta March 10 1983. She’s one of Popular Magazine sexiest models. Shirt size M, Pants size 29, shoes 39 or 40 and ehm…breast 36 C. Nice combination I guess…

Photo Dwi Putrantiwi
Foto Dwi Putrantiwi

Biography Asmirandah


Biography artist Indonesia :
Full name : Asmirandah Zantman
Nick name/celeb name : Asmirandah
Sex : Female
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : October 5, 1989

Asmirandah Zantman was born in Jakarta on October 5, 1989 is a model and actress soap opera in Indonesia. She has blood Dutch and muslim. Her father named M. Farmidji Zantman and mother’s name Sani Suliwati.

Video Asmirandah

AXE Effect Indonesia Ad - Sauce featuringAsmirandah. I like the expression when she was asking for call.

Photo Ardina Rasti

Cewek ABG - Ardina Rasti
Cewek ABG - Ardina Rasti
R.A. Ardina Rasti Widiani is a young actress who was born in Jakarta January 6th 1986. She star several movies, Virgin (2004), Me vs High Heels (2005), Terowongan Casablanca, Disini Ada Setan (2004), KM 14 (2007). She also star in several Indonesia “sinetron”, TV commercials, Video Clip and now she will release her debut album as he wrote at her personal website.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Photo Agnes Monica

Photo Agnes Monica

Agnes Monica (born Agnes Monica Muljoto on July 1, 1986) is an Indonesian pop recording artist, dancer, actress, songwriter, and model. Her career started when she was only 6 years old.

Photo Agnes Monica

Her success has extended her fame well beyond the borders of her home country Indonesia, she is known in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines and South Korea. She is the only singer in Indonesia who has her own dance group, called Nezindahood, who always perform with Agnes on stage. In 2009, she began planning to launch her international career, and started taking Mandarin lessons. A result of this was a role in two Taiwanese drama series, "Romance in the White House" with Peter Ho, and "The Hospital" with Jerry Yan.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Video Marissa Nasution

Video Marissa Nasution

Video Marissa Nasution

Marissa Nasution, or better known as VJ Marissa is a popular host the event after attending the MTV VJ Hunt 2007, although the title did not successfully achieved.

Beginning his career as host of the MTV by some as a Guest VJ, before later formally became MTV VJ.

Born in Jakarta, February 8, 1986, Marissa had a gift as a High Quality Singles on Valentine's Day episode in 2005, reality show Say Love.

Video Marissa Nasution

Biography Marrisa Nasution

Biography Marrisa Nasution

Name: Marrisa Nasution

Actress name: VJ Marrisa

Date of birth: February 8, 1986

Birthplace: New York

Gender: Female

Photo Marissa Nasution

Photo Marissa Nasution

Photo Marissa Nasution

Marissa Nasution, or better known as VJ Marissa is a popular host the event after attending the MTV VJ Hunt 2007, although the title did not successfully achieved.

Beginning his career as host of the MTV by some as a Guest VJ, before later formally became MTV VJ.

Photo Marissa Nasution

Foto Sexy Marissa Nasution

Photo Manohara Odelia Pinot

Photo Manohara Odelia Pinot

A music producer has 'forced' Manohara Odelia Pinot to try out the world of drag votes, though aware his voice is not suitable for singing. At that Manohara be persuaded, yet traditional voice business is set in the studio.

"Many say that the studio could make a sound so good, but Manohara do not want to, because it will definitely be there performing live. So if you can not sing, Mano do not want," explained Manohara at the Grand Launching Takigawa Resto Kemang, South Jakarta , Monday (09/27/2010).

Video Manohara Odelia Pinot

Video Manohara Odelia Pinot

Video Manohara Odelia Pinot

There might be many teenagers out there that show their fondness of splurging on indulgences, but few would show their fondness of compassionately caring and helping for others. The young Manohara Pinot has just adopted two children – one with special needs – to be taken care of at her house. With Indonesian and French descent, she calls Cannes her home and Jakarta her ‘new’ home.

She started her love for fashion at an early age. She loves Roberto Cavalli dresses, Christian Louboutin shoes, Birkin bags, Audemars Piguet and Roger Dubuis watches just to name a few. A close source said that Manohara is exteremely down-to-earth, unlike any other women you see toting Birkins on Louboutin heels, “She is beautiful, outside and inside,” added our source.

Besides preparing to enroll in public relations major at a university in Jakarta, this soft-spoken young lady enjoys painting and writing in her free time. With beauty and grace that resemble Marella Agnelli, combined with such an impeccable manner, Manohara always looks effortlessly elegant and stunning.

Video Manohara Odelia Pinot

Biography Manohara Odelia Pinot

Biography Manohara Odelia Pinot

Manohara Odelia Pinot

Full Name: Manohara Odelia Pinot

Nickname: Manohara

Place of Birth: Jakarta

Date of Birth: February 28, 1992

Brother: Dewi Sari Asih

Descendants: Indonesia - France

Profession: Model

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Video Elsa Krasova

Video Elsa Krasova

"In the midst of this solitude, Elsa admitted eager to have a lover. However, because she has character does not like to be approached, that desire is difficult to realize. "
Elsa Krasova, so she wrote his name on the biodata. Eastern Europe rather flavorful, indeed. However, Elsa, so she was happy to be addressed, do not want to say much about her name it.

Biography Elsa Krasova

Elsa Krasova Biography

Elsa Krasova

Full Name: Elsa Krasova
NickName: Elsa
Place / Date of Birth: Medan / July 4, 1982
Nationality: Indonesia
Last Education: University Harapan Medan
Occupation: Model, Sinetron Player, Photo Model
Sinetron career: The Rich, Hidayah Jalan MU To Name New Coast Guard, Ghost must Pass
Favorite Musician: Beyonce
Favourite Film Star: Shakhrukh Khan
Favourite Author:
Height / Weight: 168 inches / 48 kg
Size: Shirt: S Pants: 27 Bra: 36c Shoes: 37

Video Anna Dearhart

Anna Dearhart

No doubt, one of the capital in order to explore the world of modeling is physical beauty. For that Anna did not want to waste what has been awarded to him. How, by continuing to perform body treatments. "At least I creambath, scrubs, manicure, pedicure. Anyway, we can add beauty, he ... he ... he. ". Humans are born with all the advantages and disadvantages. This is also realized by Anna. Aware of the deficiencies that she had, not that he forced himself to change it in a way which is often chosen instant of Adam in this period. So, how about Anna? Is there anything that makes it less than perfect?

Biography Anna Dearhart

Biography Anna Dearhart

Anna Dearhart Biography :

Full Name: Anna Dearhart
Nick Name: Anna
Place / Date of Birth: Jakarta / March 23, 1984
Last Education: High School Economics Financial Bank (STEKPI)
Occupation: Student, Model
Career Sinetron: ABG 1, Bang Jupiter
Advertising: Candy Sugus, Rinso
Favorite musician: Yellowcard, Collective Soul, Celine Dion
Favourite Movie Star: Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise
Favorite Authors: Djenar Maesa Ayu
Height / Weight: 158 cm / 50 kg
Size: Shirt: Pants s: 27 Bra: 34C Shoes: 38

Video DJ Devina

Video DJ Devina, Video DJ Devina, Video DJ Devina

Achievements and Awards

Nominee Best Female "DJ REDMA" Awards 2009

DJ of The Year nominee Paranoia Awards 2008

Best Female DJ Redma Awards nominee 2008

Best Female DJ Redma Awards 2007

Best Junior DJ Redma Awards 2007

Best Rookie DJ Paranoia Awards 2006

Best Local DJ Performance Beat Magazine 2006

Biography DJ Devina

Biography DJ Devina

Name: Devina Rosandi

Nickname: DJ Devina, aka Delizious Devina

Date of birth: 6 December 1976

Occupation: Disc Jockey

Hobbies: Painting, Reading (Encyclopedia), Watching liveconcert, Ballet, Wine Collector

Height / Weight: 171 cm / 56 kg

Size: Shirt: M, Pants: 28, Bra: 34A, Shoes: 40

Photo DJ Devina

Delizious Devina (Devina Rosandi) is the most popular DJ in Indonesia. She never received numerous awards, among them was named Best Female DJ Redma Awards 2009. DJ Devina has released an album titled STATE OF SPIRITUAL BLISS. He is a professional DJ who has appeared in many arena and great performances, especially in various cities in Indonesia.

Video DJ Vega

Video DJ Vega, Video Sexy DJ Vega

DJ Vega

A disc jockey (also known as DJ or deejay) is a person who selects and plays recorded music for an audience. Originally, disk referred to phonograph records, while disc referred to the Compact Disc, and has become the more common spelling. Today, the term includes all forms of music playback, no matter the source.

Photo DJ Vega

Photo DJ Vega

DJ Vega

Once the first DJs so why choose instead to be a model or musician?
Certainly do not believe if I said that since a hoax, but that's about. Initially it because love the music.

DJ Vega love much to music, it’s why finally she becomes a DJ. DJ Vega is a sexy and pretty.

DJ Vega is an Indonesian model. Here are photo of DJ Vega for Popular Magazine. Enjoy the sexy photo.

DJ Vega

Video Anita Hara



"From the gossip girl is cute, he was transformed into a sexy dominatrix. Anita Hara Now the other side open to you. "
This is a beautiful woman who once blew a kiss every morning diligently on the screen for you and at night to appear fierce and cruel, but still tempting. Indeed, as the entertainer Anita Hara always try to perform its role with the full totality, thus easily transformed from gossip girl he's sweet in the morning through the show "KISS", a 'Jeng Ishkan', executor of the celebrity in "Star Shows." A series of soap operas had already dilakoninya, ranging from melancholy drama, to comedy slapstick.

Biography Anita Hara


Anita Hara is an advertising model and sinetron staring Indonesia. It there are many gets acting with role that protagonis, so Psychology grad girl this Atmajaya's University not just after' controversial' deep acting at sinetron.

Born in Jakarta, March 29, 1980, Anita often is claimed to look sexy still want to continue to learn in terms of acting, including the shooting of a friend at the scene.
From acting, try out the presenter Anita. He is believed to bring the show KASAK infotainment gossip and F1 racing sporting events.

Photo Donita

Photo Donita

Soap opera actress who enliven the world of Indonesian music. She is Noni Anissah Ramadhani or commonly known as Donita. Women born in Bandung 14 February 1989 turned out to have a hobby of singing since childhood.

Donita singing talent that has been appreciated since was in junior high school. Thanks to the role of one of his uncles, Donita develop the talent to sing. Donita not only counting what is out there on him this time, she began to hone the talent she sang with vocal training.

Photo Donita

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Photo Debby Ayu

Debby Ayu Novitasari Agustine or better known by the name Debby Ayu was born onAugust 7, 1988 in Bandar Lampung. He is an artist's model and Indonesian nationals.

Debby Ayu's career began at the end of 2006. When he moved to Jakarta and startedhis career as a model, then he penetrated in the art world through film role TheThreatening Prayer in 2008.

Photo Cinta Laura

Photo Cinta Laura

Photo Cinta Laura


Cinta Laura made her debut in the entertainment world as a finalist in the Top Model 2006. One of the jury selection event is Sanjay Maulani, a casting director at MD Entertainment. Love was immediately offered the main patron.

Daughter of the couple Michael Kiehl and Herdiana, SH was finally accepted an offer to become a major star in the soap opera Cinderella MD Entertainment production. first four months, love instead of shooting, but a course in Indonesian language (because he is less fluent in Indonesian language) and acting exercise.


Early 2009, Love duet by Duo Maia on their latest album sings the song Love traitor.

In early 2010, he managed to obtain a Double Platinum for her first album, titled the same as the name "Laura Love". This achievement is made special because in just five weeks after thrown into the market, and the album has sold more than 200,000 coffee. The award was handed over at the sidelines of the grand final "Ayo Nge-dance KFC Laura Love Together" in Metro Indah Mall from Bandung, West Java province Saturday, February 27, 2010.

Cinta Laura once again proves that exceptional talent in the art world. After a long-awaited, he was realizing his dream of realizing her first album titled CINTA LAURA. The album was patterned Electro Pop, dynamic and energetic, as well as his own personality Laura Love. Contains 10 songs sung with a unique vocal style Love, spoiled, coquettish, but nice to dinikmati.DJ Sumantri didaulat as music director for the entire album. She was called by Cinta as 'Timbaland her Indonesian', eloquently concocting a nice arrangement.

Video Cinta Laura

Filmografi :

* Oh Baby (2008) / MD Entertainment / sebagai Baby
* Seleb Kota Jogja (SKJ) (2010) / Starvision Plus / sebagai Gadis

Soap operas :

* Cinderella (2007) / MD Entertainment / Episode 324 / as Love
* Upik Abu and Laura (2008) / Sinemart Productions (Sinemart) on RCTI / 110 Episode / as Laura
* Tears Love (2009) / Sinemart Productions (Sinemart) on RCTI / 53 Episode / as Love

Achievements / Awards :

* Finalist Top Model 2006
* Best Actress 2008:
Tabloid Gaul
Trax magazine
Tabloid Bintang
Teen Magazines
Girl Magazine

Biography Cinta Laura

Biography Cinta Laura

Cinta Laura Kiehl Biography :

Full Name: Cinta Laura Kiehl
Nick Name: Cinta Laura
Date / Date of Birth: Quakenbruck, Germany, August 17, 1993
City Now: Jakarta, Indonesia
Zodiac: Leo
Height: 170
Weight: 44
Hobbies: Swimming
Occupation: Actress, Singer, Dancer
Years active: 2007 - Present

Video Acha Septriasa

For a very first time, Acha Septriasa became popular for her new movie "Heart" which was played together with Irwansyah, Nirina Zubir, and Sandy Aulia. Which then Irwansyah and Icha becoming a girlfriend-boyfriend.

Not only in Indonesia, Acha Septriasa is also well-known in the neighborhood country, such as Malaysia and Brunei darussalam. Her songs in the collaboration with Irwansyah such as, Heart, Sampai Menutup Mata, and Pecinta Wanita succeeded in Indonedia's Top chart radio list for few weeks.

Biography Acha Septriasa

Acha Septriasa Biography

Acha Septriasa Biography :
Full Name: Jelita Septriasa
Nickname: Acha Septriasa
Place / Date of birth: Jakarta, 01 September 1989
Sign: Pisces
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Hobbies: singing, reading, playing drums, read poetry, play guitar, swimming, basketball, roads

Father's Name: Sagitta Ahimsha
Mother's Name: Rita Emza
To the children: 3 of 6 with

Elementary School: SD Muhammadiyah 06 Tebet, South Jakarta
Junior High School: SMP Negeri 73 Tebet, South Jakarta
Senior High School: SMAN 82 Jakarta
Higher Education: Department of Mass Communications, Multimedia Broadcasting, Kualalumpur University, Kuala Lumpur

Photo Syahrini

Photo Syahrini

Syahrini Photo & Biography :
Name: Syahrini
Place of Birth : Bogor, Jawa Barat
Date Of Birth : August 1, 1982
Nationality: Indonesia
Occupation: Singer
Years active: 2007 – present
Child : 2 of 3 siblings
Religion: Islam
Education: Law degree from the University Pakuan Bogor




Video Syahrini

Video Syahrini

Syahrini was born in Bogor, West Java, August 1st,1982. She is a newcomer's Indonesian singer. The first Album of the law degree from the University of Bogor Pakuan is My Lovely that was released in 2008.

In his love life Syahrini still Singles. She confessed to the current concentration, and her career as a singer did not want to hurry search for love.

Video Baby Margaretha

Video Baby Margaretha
Baby Margaretha Praised Quality Acting Sasha Grey

Playing in a film with Hollywood movie star, Sasha Grey, Baby Margaretha sexy actress made ​​to feel proud. Although Sasha is better known as porn star, according to the Baby Margaretha, Sasha has a good acting quality.

Video Aura Kasih

Aura Kasih

Favorite Music: Snow Patrol, Coldplay, The Flaming Lips, Keane, fergie,
Oasis, Jewel, Collective Soul, Foo Fighters, Muse, Arcade fire.artic
Monkey, Rihanna, Frank Sinatra, Bounty Killer, Led Zepelin, 311,
BRMC, Baby Charm, Sublime, Madonna

Favorite TV Shows: MTV, travel & living, jack ass

Favorite Movies: City of Angels, If Only, Blood Diamond, the Sex in The
City, Desperate House Wives, Closer, Six Sense, Entourage

Photo Aura Kasih

Aura Kasih
From beginning the appearance, singer Aura Kasih affection has formed sexy image in every the appearance. but Aura Kasih admit never want to let loose sexy clothes.

Follow 'Mari Bercinta' singer that is sexiest must not be seen from appearance. manner speaks and posed to also can be assumed sexy.

" That section can be seen from character. but really a large part man really sexy from physical, " said Aura Kasih met at Pewayangan building, beautiful Indonesia miniature, Jakarta east.

Aura KasihAura Kasih
Aura Kasih FHM Magazine

Aura Kasih
Aura Kasih
Aura Kasih
Aura Kasih Mari Bercinta

Aura Kasih
Aura Kasih

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