Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ada Band

ada band

ADA Band is a music group from Indonesia, consisting of Donnie Sibarani (vocals), Marshall Suryarachman (guitarist) and Dika Satjadibrata (bass). They soared through songs such as Still, the Seven Angels of Heaven, and For Women (Haring Ibon). Most of their songs contain elements of romance.

Ada Band was established in 1996, with personnel: Ibrahim Imran (Baim) on guitar & vocals, Eddy H Iso (Iso) on keyboards & backing vocals, Elif Ritonga (E'el) on drums, and Krishna Balagita (Krishna) on the keyboard / piano.

In the album "Heaven of Love," there are 12 new songs. Donny duet with Gita Gutawa, daughter of Erwin Gutawa musicians in the song "The Best For you".As for the song "Stupid Man" was elected as the first single of this album.Heaven of Love, recorded sales of more than 300 thousand copies in five months. And they managed to get a double platinum award. Six months later, they received an award or awards Quadruple Award for a 4x Paltinum.

Album "Romantic Rhapsody" contains 12 songs that are themed love.
On the album "Cinema Story", Ada Band presents 12 songs, including 6 new songs they are based on scenarios from the movie script latest Multivision Pictures (MVP), entitled "Forever". The song 'Lives My Life' and 'Common Sense' made their flagship single in this album.
The band's latest album in 2008 titled "Harmonius". Includes 11 new songs with the hits single, "It would be better".

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