Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Biography Dicky SM*SH

Dicky M Prasetya SM*SH

Dicky M Prasetya is one of the smash personnel who have many fans. Here is a profile of Dicky Boyband SMASH Indonesia. Here also there are photosDicky SM*SH latest.

Born: 18 June 1993, Bandung
Zodiac: Gemini
Favourite Singer: Stevie Wonder
Education: High School BPI 1, Bandung
Favourite Song: All 2NE1's song and Lady Gaga
Dream of Success: Want to known and accepted by society
First On Stage: Performing Cultural TMII
Not Like: lied
Favourite Food: Food is spicy
Favourite Actress: Rihanna
Twitter Account: @ dickymprasetyo

Profil Dicky M Prasetya SM*SH

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